Have you ever considered the benefits of becoming an umpire? We have! Umpiring provides you so much more than just the ability to officiate the rules of the game. It can make you feel:

    • Connected

      Umpiring is a great way to make friends for life and be an integral part of the vibrant netball community.

    • Respected

      Umpires provide the opportunity for everyone to play the game in a safe, fair and enjoyable environment. Umpiring also develops skills that can be used for life: communication, resilience and leadership just to name a few!

    • Energised

      Umpiring lets you experience the thrill of the game, contributes towards maintaining a healthy lifestyle and offers a pathway to participate in the sport at the highest level.

There are many opportunities to become involved as an umpire in Netball, with clear pathways and support structures available for those aspiring to officiate at the highest level.


New Rules

The International Netball Federation has updated some the Official rules of netball. These
updates will take effect for all matches played in Australia, and all International games, on
January 1 2016.

The rule changes aim to meet the changing needs of the game, and to
reflect the modern, forward-looking sport of netball. They are designed
to improve players’ enjoyment of the game, create consistency in the
interpretation of the rules across all world regions, and make the game
more attractive to spectators.
The changes will mean quicker injury management, clearer options for
game management, less whistle, and in some cases, simpler, more clearly
written rules.

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2016 New Rules_Changes Detail


New Rules of Netball Snapshot


New Rules Video Tutorials-


1) What’s New in the Rules of Netball Introduction Match Procedures Starting Play

2) What’s New in the Rules of Netball Sanctions and Conditions for the Penalty Pass

3) What’s New in the Rules of Netball During a Match

4) What’s New in the Rules of Netball Match Personnel and Game Management

5) What’s New in the Rules of Netball Umpire’s Hand Signals

6) What’s New in the Rules of Netball Conclusion


The Level 1 Umpiring Course is now online!

The Level One Online Umpire’s Course has been designed to assist you in achieving the necessary skills and knowledge to be an effective umpire and enjoy your officiating role. The course contains the following five modules:

  • A good umpire
  • Getting started
  • Umpiring techniques
  • The Rules in Action
  • Where to now?

More information on the level 1 course is available here

To access the level 1 course online click here


Section I Theory Exam

The Section I Theory examination is also available online. Section I tests the basic rules of the game and is accessible all year round with unlimited attempts, plus it’s free! Participants who achieve a pass mark of 70% or above will have a certificate generated online which they will be able to present to their association.

To access the Section I Theory Examination click here




Netball Australia has a well-established Accreditation system, endorsed by the Australian Sports Commission. It is an educational pathway based on courses, ongoing professional development and practical umpiring experience.

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Netball Australia has a range of resources to support the development of umpires at all levels.

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National Umpire Development Framework


High Performance Umpire Pathway

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Current opportunities

Netball NT is seeking applications for both Coaching and Umpiring Sub-Committees. Below is a copy of the application form and information form. Please fill in your details in the application form below and submit to Netball NT by COB Monday 12th January 2015.

Memo – TOR Coaching and Umpiring

Netball NT – Coaching and Umpiring Sub-Committee Application Form