Netball Australia Bench Official Education Course is now ONLINE!!

The Bench Officials Education Course has been designed to assist you in learning the skills and knowledge required to fulfil all Bench Official roles.

The Bench Officials Education course is a pre-requisite for obtaining the State Bench Official Accreditation and subsequently the National Bench Officials Accreditation.

The course looks at:

  • Being a Bench Official
  • Scorer 1
  • Scorer 2
  • Timekeepers
  • Extra Time Procedures
  • Where to now?

Click here to access the Bench Officials Education Course online


Use the following Enrolment Instructions to help you access the Course: Bench Officials Education Course_Enrolment Instructions


Netball Australia Bench Officials Manual

The Netball Australia Bench Officials Manual is the official resource for Bench Officials and it is based on the International Netball Federation Bench Officials Manual. It outlines the behavioural requirements and standards of the Bench Official role.


Updating Policy

The National Bench Officials Accreditation Framework provides detailed information about bench officials accreditation and updating.

Accreditation updating requires the completion of various related tasks within a 4 year period following the successful completion of a Bench Officials Accreditation, unless a higher level of accreditation is achieved.


Updating Process

Submit completed updating form to the relevant Member Organisation prior to the expiry date (4 years): Bench Officials Updating Form

If a Bench Official does not update their accreditation within the specified four year period, Netball Australia may:

  • require the official to re-do the entire training program;  or
  • require the  official to undertake a specified number of activities as determined by Netball Australia.