Call for nominations

Netball NT’s AGM will be held on Saturday 12th May 2018 at 11am. Pursuant to Section 26.2 (2) of the Constitution, we are now calling for the Nomination of Board directors 60 days prior to the AGM. The following positions are available:

1. Treasurer
2. Ordinary Board Member (two positions available for 2 years)

Nominations must be completed on the correct Nomination Form 2018 and returned by Friday 20th April 2018. Forms are available by request to

Please feel free to promote and distribute amongst your networks or target anyone who you think might be interested.

CLICK HERE for nomination form

Board Directors as elected at the 2017 Netball NT AGM

Catherine Norton: President

Melissa Yates: Treasurer

Josine Wynberg

Neil Forsyth

Leanne Bugg

Tony Smith

Shannon Millar

Mark Coffey


Life Members of Netball NT

1988  Shirley Richards

1991  Patricia Gallagher

1991  Ann Hosking

1991  Margaret McPherson

1999  Sandy Mackintosh

1999  Karen Schneider

1999  Riley Wing

2011  Helen Smith

2011  David Yeaman

2011  Thea Pearce