What is Walking Netball?

Walking Netball removes participation barriers for senior women and men, helping them experience the many on-going health and social benefits of staying active by enjoying games of netball.Walking Netball is an initiative brought to you by Netball NSW partnered with the NSW Department of Family and Community Services. Everyone is welcome to enjoy Walking Netball regardless of physical fitness, age or previous netball experience.

Benefits of Walking Netball

Walking Netball provides a fun, safe environment and encourages adults to have a more gradual introduction to physical activity by regaining necessary motor skills, helping balance, coordination, and better footwork. Other benefits include improved strength, flexibility and circulation, along with long-term fitness and weight maintenance benefits.Walking Netball is also a fabulous opportunity to develop team spirit and encourages social interaction – it’s a great way to make friends or even spend time with old friends on a regular basis.

Ways to Play

Social Competition

You can also participate in Walking Netball in a social competition format with no regular fixtures, scoring or ladder. Players turn up on the day and play Walking Netball. This is a fun, social game played with friends with a focus on health and fitness. This competition is designed for individual registrations, so don’t worry about finding a team.

Our next social competition will take place in Term 4 of 2019, held every Wednesday from the 6th of November until the 18th of December 2019, 10am to 12pm. To register to play please complete the registration form.


Social competitions are open to men and women aged 55yrs and over. For more information on rules and how to play click here.


For more information on Walking Netball, please contact:
Netball NT
Phone: 08 8945 1733
Email: office@nebtallnt.org.au