Netball Connect

Starting from 2022, My Netball (old system) will be retired and the onboarding of the new Netball Connect system will take place across the Territory. 

Netball Connect is a new technology platform that has been adopted by Netball NT to provide the netball community with an efficient, user-friendly experience to manage, score, play and spectate. Netball Connect has a multitude of features including: 

Registration: With the ability to register multiple competitions. 
Game Day App: with real-time scoring, verification, recording & rostering, it aims to reduce resources required for game day planning. 
Competition Management: with the ability to reduce the time required for draws from weeks to minutes

This page will be updated regularly with news, developments, and FAQs to ensure a smoother transition for all clubs and associations.


If you haven’t logged in before 
Your organisation should have added you as an administrator and you will receive an email with your password details and a link to the platform. If you have not received the password, check your bin, spam, or promotions folder. If it is still not there, then ask the administrator to check the spelling of your email address. 

Next Steps :
1) Download Google Authenticator APP from apple or play store : An extra layer of security (2 Factor Authentication) is added to the system which warrants you to login using an Authenticator App 
2) Insert your details that were provided to you in the email 
3) Scan the QR Code via your Google Authenticator and insert the code that pops up after scanning the QR Code (FYI: Save the code on the app for future login purposes)

This should give you access to your dashboard.

For further logins you will need to insert your username and passwords followed by the code provided by the Goggle Authenticator App 

Forgotten your password?
Select the Forgot Password/Reset Password. The password link can be sent to your email or phone. The two Factor Authenticator code can also be rest if you haven’t saved it. Please contact your club or association for further assistance. 

1) Access your Dashboard and select the home icon on the top right corner 
2) Select Users
3) Hover on to Administrators and select Our Organisations
4) Fill in the details and add administrator

The administrator will receive an email with their password details and a link to the platform. If they have not received the password check their bin, spam, or promotions folder. If it is still not there, then check the spelling of their email address. 

If you are wanting to register for a Competition you need to click Register for a Competition. 

If you have not registered before click New User - Register. 

If you already have registered or used the App enter your username/ email and password.

If you are wanting to login to manage a team, score a game or you are a parent then click Score/ Manage/ Parent and complete the sign up. You can always register at a later date by clicking More> Registration (s).

It is likely there is an existing user and have not been parent paired correctly, to fix this please follow the below steps.

1. log in to

2. Select “My Profile” by clicking the icon on top right corner. 

3. if you notice your child's name is appearing on the left-hand side of the profile when you log in and they are using your email address, you will need to add your details as a parent to complete registrations successfully

NC_User Profile

4. If you would like your child to have their own login, please update their email address first once you have entered your details and saved, you will be logged out for security reasons and need to log in again once you log in again, you can navigate to the registration form using Actions > Register

5. Navigate to the Personal Details Tab

6. Click Add Parent/Guardian

7. Enter your details

Netball Connect App Download