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Starting from 2022, My Netball (old system) will be retired and the onboarding of the new Netball Connect system will take place across the Territory. 

Netball Connect is a new technology platform that has been adopted by Netball NT to provide the netball community with an efficient, user-friendly experience to manage, score, play and spectate. Netball Connect has a multitude of features including: 

Registration: With the ability to register multiple competitions. 
Game Day App: with real-time scoring, verification, recording & rostering, it aims to reduce resources required for game day planning. 
Competition Management: with the ability to reduce the time required for draws from weeks to minutes

This page will be updated regularly with news, developments, and FAQs to ensure a smoother transition for all clubs and associations.


Administrators will receive login details; user name and password via email.  This email will be addressed from NetballConnect.

Follow the steps in the email and check the link below for Next Steps

All administrators will be provided with a unique link from Netball Connect. CLick the button below to access your Netball Connect Login and use your portal 

The QR Code authentication is setup as a way to increase security. 

Follow the steps given in the document below to help assist you through it. 

NC_Help & Support

Click the link below to show you the How To

Click the link below to access the guide

You will have to setup your club with two different email addresses and name them accordingly. 

For example: 
ABC Netball Club plays under Darwin and Palmerston Association. You will register them as two different entities and fill all details ( Including Logo, name , email address) 

This will allow you to have further control with discount codes, shop and other features. 

If you have any further questions , use the Chat function on Netball Connect and we would be able to assist you. 

Click the link below to show you the How To

Click the link below to show you the How To

Click the link below to show you the How To

Click the link below to show you the How To


Under the Home tab > Maintain > Venue and Courts.

Search for the venue first to ensure it has not already been entered. 

If not, add a new venue.